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What does Pink Collar mean? 

Pinkcollar workers are people who are employed in a job that is traditionally considered to be women’s work. The term pinkcollar worker was used to distinguish female-orientated jobs from the blue-collar worker, a worker in manual labor, and the white-collar worker, a professional or educated worker in office positions.” 

What does FIRE mean? 

“The FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Earlymovement is a lifestyle movement whose goal is financial independence and retiring early.”

The media portrays the FIRE movement to be a cessation of employment because of being financially independent, and no longer having the need to work, the reality is that financial independence allows all people to have the freedom to choose how to spend their time, where to spend their time, and who to spend it with. Oftentimes, this means being able to take a low-paying job that brings immense satisfaction, or being able to volunteer and working part-time. It’s all about having options, and choosing the best life for yourself – not based on financial needs trapping you into a cubicle lifestyle.

Why “Pink Collar To Fire”?

If you look into pink collar employment, these are jobs traditionally executed by women. It can be a nurse, a teacher, a nanny, a secretary, a waitress or stewardess, or any other job that is usually filled by women, and are often roles of servitude. 

Over time, women are seeking careers in traditional male-oriented fields, men are doing the same in traditional female-oriented fields. This is a good thing, but there are still many who expect to see women in a “female role” and men in a “male role”. 

It’s tempting to rant about the inequalities of roles, privilege and advantages vs. disadvantages, however I would rather welcome you to my story. 

I am a pink-collar worker who is seeking financial independence. 

Even though the journey is long, there’s debt to be paid, and I will (likely) never make six figures in a year, I am still striving for a time when I will be financially independent. I may retire with dignity, even if it’s at 45 years old or 65 years old.

The purpose of this blog is to find and share ways to make your money stretch further, spend and save smarter, and reap the rewards faster.

Transparency & Disclosure

Thank you to Tanja Hester for this great idea! 

I love writing and sharing new ideas. Ever since my senior classes in high school, I have written and edited works produced by the classes, and some of my own writing. Because I enjoy writing, and teaching others new skills and talents, I write this blog to give other Canadians a different perspective of the journey to FIRE.

Canadian women who make less than six figures are often overlooked as the “secondary” income, the wife, the mother, the caregiver, the house maintainer. There needs to be a different dialog: Women are often the breadwinners, and do not fit into the subscribed role.

In my home, I am the breadwinner, and “Mr. Pink Collar” and I live together as partners. We both work, and our children are furry pets that we love with all our beings. Neither of us have a degree (bachelor’s or higher), only college. Neither of us expect that our jobs will pay us anywhere close to six figures, and even combined, we fall below that number.

With that in mind, the blog will cost us money to maintain, and therefore I have included some affiliate links in this site. Affiliate links mean that I have included a link to a product or service that I recommend, and by using that link and/or making a purchase, I may receive a small commission for your transaction. 

In the event that the blog brings in more than the cost of hosting and having the blog, I will be donating a percentage of the profits to charities and to those in need. (While it’s very forward thinking to imagine I will get to that point, it still excites me to think that I could help others!)

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